segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2009

Trilha de 'How To Be' completa.

Olá leitores!

Hoje eu demorei né? Mas por conta disso, está ai uma boa novidade, a trilha sonora completa de 'How To Be' com o Robert Pattinson em 3 músicas (que por sinal, são ótimas).

•Opening Credits – Joe Hastings
•Chokthe Dust Pt. 1 – first 45 seconds by Robert Pattinson, recorded live. Last 1 minute is a supped-up version of the song recorded in studio that plays later in the film. in’ on.
•Hell Awaits – The Rollercoaster Project.
•Chokin’ On The Dust Pt. 2 – Robert Pattinson. Recorded live.
•“You Don’t Actually Have Things All That Bad” – How to Be. Dialogue by Jeremy Hardy and Robert Pattinson.
•Old Man – Love.
•Second part of Chokin’ on the Dust Pt. 1.
•“It’s Not Your Fault” – Joe Hastings.
•Second part of Chokin’ on the Dust Pt 2 plays here.
•Part time lover – Jessica Shillingford (not on the soundtrack)
•“Sometimes we all need a little help” – Joe Hastings.
•“Dr. Ellington Arrives” – Joe Hastings.
•“Visualize A Time” by Joe Hastings.
•Jam session – How to Be.
•Beethoven Symphony No. 8 – Largo. Not on soundtrack.
•Nikki’s Song – Mike Pearce. Recorded live.
•Puzzle – Joe Hastings.
•Cemetery – Joe Hastings.
•Off License – Joe Hastings.
•Process 1 – The Rollercoaster Project.
•Have Love, Will Travel – The Sonics. Not on the soundtrack.
•Clear Spot – Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band.
•Singing the Blues – Tommy Steele. Not on soundtrack.
•Hammond Song – The Roches.
•Final Call – Joe Hastings.
•“You’re Not a Nobody” – Dialogue by Robert Pattinson.
•Doin’ Fine – Robert Pattinson. Recorded live.
•End Credits – Joe Hastings.
•Chokin’ on Dust Pt.1 (second half) – How to Be.
•“It’s Not Your Fault” – Joe Hastings.

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